Anne Hastie @ red

Anne Hastie @ red

Exhibition Dates
25th May - 11th June 2011

For a number of years now I have been travelling to China on a regular basis, spending extended time in Beijing as a practicing artist. These trips have allowed me a period of reflection and productivity not readily achieved in Australia.

The challenge of a harsh winter and the language barrier, together with a diversity of materials encouraging experimentation and surrounding suburbs filled with Chinese and international artists, all make for an exciting and highly creative experience.

Photography underpins my painting practice. I find much of the world around me highly abstracted in a visual sense, and more so in China where I am confronted with an unfamiliar and often surreal environment.

I am fascinated by the nature of paint; its viscosity, transparency, flow etc. The works on card, paper and canvas are created by poured inks, paint and varnishes. The results are images that melt into many layers. The larger digital prints are produced from scans of smaller paintings and represent a subtle shift in scale and in media; from paint to pigmented inks.

My work is firmly based in the physical world. While landscape references are imaginary, they are based in that which we can see and touch. My interests are primarily in re-interpreting the world by imagined aerial perspectives and through microscopic views.

Anne Hastie

May 2011